Your best memory …….. By Mike Kaso

Date: Wed, 12 July Location: Dennis Port, MA, USA

One random day, where the sky seems as dull as ever, you will see her. She will smile politely and act shy, you will smile back and start a conversation. Little do you know she will turn out to be your best memory.

Time after time you catch a glimpse of her glowing eyes as she looks at you and sees the world in you. You smile, deep down you feel pride and at that moment you know that you have to protect her no matter what. She will turn out to be your best memory. Time rolls by and you find yourself in bed with her, holding her in your arms after a long night, smiling under your breath as you know she already is the best thing in your life! Little do you know she will turn out to be your best memory!

Life happens, things fall out and time waits for no one! You find yourself on an empty bed listening to “that song” trying to recreate those feelings just to please your sick ego! Little do you know she will turn out to be your best memory!

The universe has a funny way of playing jokes on people, then you start to slide into that fucked up mindset where everyone is wrong and you and your ego are right! Little do you know she will turn out to be your best memory.

After some alcohol and alot of ” making a fool out of yourself ” you start to put your life on track! You work towards your goals without dwelling on the mistakes of the past. You start to find peace in the middle of the hurricane, you start to focus on the light rather than shadows.

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You start being YOU, and that’s when you understand why SHE is your best memory! #CheersLove


Build our legacy …..

Standing in the coffe shop i see faces that come , face that go , faces concerned about their milkshake and workers that hurry to complete their requests . No milk , add some candy , no caffeine and then they sit for 2 hours doing nothing but taking selfies and stalking people on the gram .

They continue staying at the coffe shop , talking about the Kardashians , somebodys lipstic , somebodys highlighter , somebodys brand new car and how they’d like to have a better life . And yet they stay at the coffe shop some more . When they get up they go home to get dressed , its time to party . Then they go out drink alchoohol , take pills , smoke pot , cocaine , LSD , whatever man u only live once . Then they go home sleep for a decade and when they wake up its time to repeat again .

We live in the age when libraries are abandoned and they’re replaced by Starbuck’s , we live in the age when “Cash Me Outside” made a bigger news then every talent

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ed kid that made a scientific discovery and that’s so sad . We need to put the attention at the people that really matter , put the attention at the people who make world a better place . We should nurture the good feelings in ourselves and change this way of life that has no meaning , this way of life that will leave us 35 yr old with no goals no real life and a damaged brain from all the toxins we feed it .

We need to abandon the coffe shops , go to the libraries , follow the entrepreneurs , find a purpouse in life , make world a better place . Because life is a gift and we should spent it doing somethin with meaning to leave it for the generations who will come .

We need to build our legacy so we can live forever ….

A day’s random thoughts… By Mike Kaso

…….but what do you do when the walls start closing in? The air getting rarer as you suffocate on your own thoughts? Why is it that i never feel at peace with myself even tho i try harder than anyone else?
I honestly believe i deserve more out of this life…Maybe its all in the long-run and am worrying over nothing! Or maybe fate has already forgotten about me, whilst i give my soul to the emptiness, expecting a better life in return! They say you only live once, so why not make the most out of it? Yeah… fuck that, in this cruel place, making the most out of stuff IS NOT ENOUGH!
Being educated, schooled, polite, honest, hard working etc. are all qualities of the weak! …At least that’s how it is where i live! And in the end it all comes down to someone who said to take all your rage, put it in a page and blow the roof of the place! Could it

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all be that easy? How can i live up to my expectations of motivating others when i cant even pick myself up off the ground!

Even if i do, id be too tired, bloody, broken beaten and scared… but in the end, when the final hour kicks in you reflect and whisper:
...What don’t kill you, makes you stronger !!

#Cheers to that you fucks!

Credits to : Mike Kaso
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Love is the only currency that matters …..

As i visit some web- pages , watch some youtube or  scroll through my instagram i see lots of people calling themselves entrepreneurs and i’m starting to think a year from now everybody’s gonna be one of them . But first things first whats an entrepreneur ?

An entrepreneur is somebody who’s an expert on something , mainly business , and that chooses to share that wisdom with us , to be our spiritual business guru , or to help us changing few aspects and behaviours in our life . So basically he or she is going to teach us his way of life by presenting us facts or just by making speeches and that is supposed to make a fast  impact in our  lives .

That’s nothing wrong with that and i’d be more then happy to listen about life from people that really achieved something , people that are worth millions not in money but in wisdom . I’d like to know the state of mind that made them rich not in the bank accounts but in their hearts and soul .

And if u listen very careful every one of them says that loving yourself and what you do is the start of every campaign in your life and it’s the crucial component in being a rich human being , rich in the heart first because the money can easily be made by a happy man .

I’d recommend you following only one advice from those people : LOVE YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO  , because this will make you a happier human being , this will make you enjoy your everyday life , and everything will come , through hard work and love the money will come , so will the house , the car and everything else but loving the self is crucial . If you spread love  you’ll become your own entrepreneur and life will grant you everything you want because Love is the only currency that matters ……. 




Only you can achieve happiness

I know you’re barely getting up in the morning to do your job , i know you have unpaid bills , i know your boss is an asshole who doesn’t understand reason , i know u think u don’t deserve this life you’re living in but that’s life man .

We live in a world where negativity has the edge and makes us look angry and anxious all the time . Were tired of our jobs, our schools were even tired of people . Our mind is filled with bullshit about living a live we don’t have , or buying a car that’s bright new , or going to that new club in town and we don’t understand this cancer called monotony is killing us long before our real death comes .

We are doing the same things everyday , maybe even in the same order , get up , go to work , come home , eat , netflix , go to the bar , just like robots are programmed . I see people who don’t do anything in their life with pleasure and blame it on others but that’s wrong.

Nobody had nothing to do with that , its not your friends fault , its not your bosses fault , its not your parents fault , its yours and only yours . You need to take your life in your hands and start living it . Go for long rides in the sunset , start spreading love, tell your boss to fuck off , and start nurturing the good feelings inside yourself .

Break the chain that holds you and go for a surprise vacation with someone , surprise even yourself if you want to . Try to laugh at the difficulties life has put in front of us and give them the middle finger .

Only you can save yourself , only you can give yourself inner peace , only you can achieve happiness…….



Albanian Ink …..

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Are u a fan of tattos ? Do u like getting inked ? You’ve come to the right place !
The Sinners House – Ink Studio located in Tirana is the best place u can go to get a nice tatto by an albanian artist . I’ve seen that tourists want a piece of the place they visit and by piece i mean a souvenir and whats a better souvenir then getting a tatto by a local artist.
This studio is one of the best in town founded by artist Rigers Hamza 5 years ago and has a growing reputation internationaly and many foreign people come from their countrys to get inked here .
The studio has also launched a tour for this year  allover the world : in the next months the artist will be in Berlin and Barcelona , in september he will visit Tokio and the peak of the tour will be in Los Angeles at High Voltage studio featuring the well known Kate Von D .
Id strongly recommend visiting this studio while in Albania if u like getting the best tattos by a unique technique . The artist always does discounts for tourist and he sometimes choses someone to do a free tatto.
Who knows maybe you are the chosen one  ?!

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A place to spend the weekend …….

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Going through the summer is diffcult and everybody needs a day or two to spend in a place when they can relax and enjoy nature . Sometimes finding that place is hard becouse we need to travel to other cities and on monday work starts again .

So what do we need ? We need a place thats near Tirana where we can stay and enjoy our weekend . I have found the perfect place to do so .

Not far from the city is a place called ” Bujtina e Diellit” which offers the best mix of traditional Albanian food and nature . Located in Baldushk only 25 minutes from the center of Tirana makes it the perfect place to spend the weekend .

You can find everything there , outside and indoor pools , a jacuzzi to relax and even go for a SPA treatment if you need one . The food is a masterpiece and the view from the restaurant is even more . Everything that u eat there is BIO raised in the village , they even produce their own wine and olive oil.

A perfect mix between the luxirous hotel rooms , the special Albanian food and the relaxing village  atmosphere makes “Bujtina e Diellit ” a ideal place to spend your weekends and to get back in shape for the week .


Dita e shqipetareve per te qeverisur ………

Sot eshte nje dite me rendesi te madhe per shqipetaret pasi sot vendoset kush do qeverisi vendin e tyre :

Perballe njeri tjetrit jane 3 parti kryesore me aktore te cilet i njohim mire :

I pari qe eshte dhe kryeministri yne shquhet per pikpamje narcistike . Madati i tij ka qene i shoqeruar nga reforma shume te mira dhe reforma shkaterrimtare , me debate , me percarje brenda grupit dhe ne fund me Vetingun e shumepritur .  Ne teresi nje mandat shume i ngaterruar kjo ndoshta dhe per shkak te nje koalicioni  jo fort solid dhe presionit te perhershem te opozites ,por nje performance e mire ne disa sektore ku  kishte nevoje emergjente per nderhyrje  si dhe fitorja masive e bashkive 2 vite me pare e bejne Ramen kandidatin favorit per ti fituar keto zgjedhje .

I dyti na vjen nga PD qe gjysmen e kohes bojkotoi , u ul ne cader , beri presione per te perfituar sado pak nga efekti i Vetingut , por qe me nje levizje te vetme ngriti pozitat e tij me lart sec vete ai do ta kishte menduar . Lista e kandidateve per deputete ishte kryevepra e Bashes . Me ate liste ai tregoi se ishte ai lidershipi  dhe se gjerat ne PD behen sipas menyres se tij . Ky gjest  e ngre Bashen ne nivelin e duhur per ti luftuar keto zgjedhje dhe ceshte me e rendesishmja e le popullin te kuptoje qe ky njeri mund te drejtoje.

I treti edhe pse tani me ne rolin e Presidentit te Republikes  qe per mua do te mbahet mend gjithmone si njeriu i 7 % ( sepse shqiptaret harrojne shpejt ) ndodhet ne nje pozite ne te cilen nuk ka qene ndonjehere me pare . Me gjithe shpalljet nga te katerta anet se LSI-ja e tij do dali force e pare ai e gjen veten pa nje aleat . Marreveshja Rama – Basha duhet ti kete renes i infarkt zotit Meta e megjithate ai vazhdon te jete i mendimit se do te jete ne qeveri per mandatin e 3-te rradhazi, kesaj here ndoshta me kryeministrin e vendosur nga LSI-ja e tij e dashur . Ne syrin tim shanset jane te pakta por duke njohur Meten nje “hail mary ” e tij mund ta ndryshoje totalisht lojen . Kshuqe pavaresisht se i disfavorizuar edhe ai ka nje mundesi te marre nje pjese nga torta .

I katerti qe eshte populli do te votoje sic ka bere gjithmone , sipas bindjeve , sipas premtimeve per pune , sipas ndonje leku nen dore , sipas kercenimeve te punedhenesve etj. Problemi eshte cfare ndodh pasi hidhet kjo vote ?! A do te behen ndonjehere valle shqipetaret bashke pertej ngjyrave partiake per “tja marre frymen ” qeverise kushdo qofte ajo e majte apo e djathte  ?! A do dalin shqiptaret ti mbushin sheshet kur tju rritet nje cmim apo kur tu behet nje e padrejte ?! Shqiptaret sic kane teserat e partive duhet te vrapojne te marrin teserat e shoqerive civile . Votoje partine tende , vere ne pushtet , ama mos u kenaq nga nje pune qe te jepet por ndiqi rreformat me kujdes dhe aty ku calon puna dil ne shesh , ngri dhe cader po te duash se kshu na mesooi zoti Basha.

Populli shqiptar e ka treguar 2 here forcen e tij : Heren e pare me armet kimike dhe heren e dyte me importin e pleherave populli shqiptar ka ngadhejuar mbi politiken dhe i vetmi fakt i dukshem ka qene se sa frike na kane ata ne , po po politikanet e medhenj na kane frike , sepse ne vendosim per ato vilat e tyre , per ato makinat e shtrenjta , per studimet e femijeve te tyre . Prandaj cilado parti u zgjedhte ne krye mbushini sheshet drejtojini ju reformat popull i dashur sepse ne fund te fundit ju jeni sovrani .

Ka ardhur koha e shqipetareve per te qeverisur ……


Always get up …..

Im sure everyone of us has experienced one of those days when its difficut to get up from bed . Some of us are tired and need some more sleep , some of us are afraid of what awaits them and dont want to get up and to face the problems that the day puts through them .

In my experience theres nothing better then confronting your own problems and your own fears by looking them in the eyes and telling them they are nothing to you  .I know its easier said then done but find that strength in you and whatever bad thing happened yesterday , whatever fear you have in your gut , is going to go away by action , action is the fear killer . Lose yourself in positive thinking , drink a cup of coffe and show the middle finger to all your problems and fears.

Because whatever happened , u should always get up ……..cropped-person-smartphone-office-table

Reading defeats the heat ……..

Its that time of the year again , when staying outside is quite difficult due to the high temperatures and if youre not on the beach u dont enjoy the heat as much as youd like to . If youre having trouble on finding how to spend the hottest hours of the day here is my solution : Take a good book , find the coolest place in your house or apartment and start reading .

As u go deep and deeper in the book u wont notice the passing of time and u will suddenly realize its 7 pm and its time to get ready for the night out . This is not only a way to pass time but it also keeps our mind fresh by travelling in different worlds and living different caracters.

Fill those dead hours with colorful stories or with mysteries that keep you in suspanse and believe me that it will become your favourite time of the day .



Showing the world my way ….

First of all hello everyone ! I hope you find something useful in my writtings to help you with your problems or to give you another view in every aspect of this rollercoaster called life .

But first let me introduce myself : My name is Skerdi , i was born in Tirana Albania ( exuse my possible language mistakes ) and im 21 . I currently live in Tirana and i study journalism .

The reason i opened this blog is that i felt the need to share my views with the world and its beautiful people . In here you will find my views on pressing matters and every subject of our everyday life . I consider this a great pleasure and im very exited to finally be part of this community . The goal of my blog is one and only one : exhange cultures , thoughts , ideas with people from around the world and giving the world my way ……Placeholder Image

Always get up …..

Reblogin it to remind you all to GET UP

Skerdi's Blog

Im sure everyone of us has experienced one of those days when its difficut to get up from bed . Some of us are tired and need some more sleep , some of us are afraid of what awaits them and dont want to get up and to face the problems that the day puts through them .

In my experience theres nothing better then confronting your own problems and your own fears by looking them in the eyes and telling them they are nothing to you  .I know its easier said then done but find that strength in you and whatever bad thing happened yesterday , whatever fear you have in your gut , is going to go away by action , action is the fear killer . Lose yourself in positive thinking , drink a cup of coffe and show the middle finger to all your problems and…

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