Showing the world my way ….

First of all hello everyone ! I hope you find something useful in my writtings to help you with your problems or to give you another view in every aspect of this rollercoaster called life .

But first let me introduce myself : My name is Skerdi , i was born in Tirana Albania ( exuse my possible language mistakes ) and im 21 . I currently live in Tirana and i study journalism .

The reason i opened this blog is that i felt the need to share my views with the world and its beautiful people . In here you will find my views on pressing matters and every subject of our everyday life . I consider this a great pleasure and im very exited to finally be part of this community . The goal of my blog is one and only one : exhange cultures , thoughts , ideas with people from around the world and giving the world my way ……Placeholder Image


2 thoughts on “Showing the world my way ….

  1. Skerdi!!! You are the man and made my time in Albania so unbelievable! You are a phenomenal asset to the restaurant business because of your personality and skill set, and I can’t wait to come back to Albania soon! I wish you the best my friend, and I have to leave my favorite phrases here. “Ni tjeter ” and “Ke cakmak?”

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