A place to spend the weekend …….

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Going through the summer is diffcult and everybody needs a day or two to spend in a place when they can relax and enjoy nature . Sometimes finding that place is hard becouse we need to travel to other cities and on monday work starts again .

So what do we need ? We need a place thats near Tirana where we can stay and enjoy our weekend . I have found the perfect place to do so .

Not far from the city is a place called ” Bujtina e Diellit” which offers the best mix of traditional Albanian food and nature . Located in Baldushk only 25 minutes from the center of Tirana makes it the perfect place to spend the weekend .

You can find everything there , outside and indoor pools , a jacuzzi to relax and even go for a SPA treatment if you need one . The food is a masterpiece and the view from the restaurant is even more . Everything that u eat there is BIO raised in the village , they even produce their own wine and olive oil.

A perfect mix between the luxirous hotel rooms , the special Albanian food and the relaxing village  atmosphere makes “Bujtina e Diellit ” a ideal place to spend your weekends and to get back in shape for the week .



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