Albanian Ink …..

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Are u a fan of tattos ? Do u like getting inked ? You’ve come to the right place !
The Sinners House – Ink Studio located in Tirana is the best place u can go to get a nice tatto by an albanian artist . I’ve seen that tourists want a piece of the place they visit and by piece i mean a souvenir and whats a better souvenir then getting a tatto by a local artist.
This studio is one of the best in town founded by artist Rigers Hamza 5 years ago and has a growing reputation internationaly and many foreign people come from their countrys to get inked here .
The studio has also launched a tour for this year  allover the world : in the next months the artist will be in Berlin and Barcelona , in september he will visit Tokio and the peak of the tour will be in Los Angeles at High Voltage studio featuring the well known Kate Von D .
Id strongly recommend visiting this studio while in Albania if u like getting the best tattos by a unique technique . The artist always does discounts for tourist and he sometimes choses someone to do a free tatto.
Who knows maybe you are the chosen one  ?!

Follow the artist : @rigers.sinn3rs        Follow me : @skerd.sino17499496_781484552005088_422774174729190258_n


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