Love is the only currency that matters …..

As i visit some web- pages , watch some youtube or  scroll through my instagram i see lots of people calling themselves entrepreneurs and i’m starting to think a year from now everybody’s gonna be one of them . But first things first whats an entrepreneur ?

An entrepreneur is somebody who’s an expert on something , mainly business , and that chooses to share that wisdom with us , to be our spiritual business guru , or to help us changing few aspects and behaviours in our life . So basically he or she is going to teach us his way of life by presenting us facts or just by making speeches and that is supposed to make a fast  impact in our  lives .

That’s nothing wrong with that and i’d be more then happy to listen about life from people that really achieved something , people that are worth millions not in money but in wisdom . I’d like to know the state of mind that made them rich not in the bank accounts but in their hearts and soul .

And if u listen very careful every one of them says that loving yourself and what you do is the start of every campaign in your life and it’s the crucial component in being a rich human being , rich in the heart first because the money can easily be made by a happy man .

I’d recommend you following only one advice from those people : LOVE YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO  , because this will make you a happier human being , this will make you enjoy your everyday life , and everything will come , through hard work and love the money will come , so will the house , the car and everything else but loving the self is crucial . If you spread love  you’ll become your own entrepreneur and life will grant you everything you want because Love is the only currency that matters ……. 





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