Build our legacy …..

Standing in the coffe shop i see faces that come , face that go , faces concerned about their milkshake and workers that hurry to complete their requests . No milk , add some candy , no caffeine and then they sit for 2 hours doing nothing but taking selfies and stalking people on the gram .

They continue staying at the coffe shop , talking about the Kardashians , somebodys lipstic , somebodys highlighter , somebodys brand new car and how they’d like to have a better life . And yet they stay at the coffe shop some more . When they get up they go home to get dressed , its time to party . Then they go out drink alchoohol , take pills , smoke pot , cocaine , LSD , whatever man u only live once . Then they go home sleep for a decade and when they wake up its time to repeat again .

We live in the age when libraries are abandoned and they’re replaced by Starbuck’s , we live in the age when “Cash Me Outside” made a bigger news then every talent

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ed kid that made a scientific discovery and that’s so sad . We need to put the attention at the people that really matter , put the attention at the people who make world a better place . We should nurture the good feelings in ourselves and change this way of life that has no meaning , this way of life that will leave us 35 yr old with no goals no real life and a damaged brain from all the toxins we feed it .

We need to abandon the coffe shops , go to the libraries , follow the entrepreneurs , find a purpouse in life , make world a better place . Because life is a gift and we should spent it doing somethin with meaning to leave it for the generations who will come .

We need to build our legacy so we can live forever ….


Only you can achieve happiness

I know you’re barely getting up in the morning to do your job , i know you have unpaid bills , i know your boss is an asshole who doesn’t understand reason , i know u think u don’t deserve this life you’re living in but that’s life man .

We live in a world where negativity has the edge and makes us look angry and anxious all the time . Were tired of our jobs, our schools were even tired of people . Our mind is filled with bullshit about living a live we don’t have , or buying a car that’s bright new , or going to that new club in town and we don’t understand this cancer called monotony is killing us long before our real death comes .

We are doing the same things everyday , maybe even in the same order , get up , go to work , come home , eat , netflix , go to the bar , just like robots are programmed . I see people who don’t do anything in their life with pleasure and blame it on others but that’s wrong.

Nobody had nothing to do with that , its not your friends fault , its not your bosses fault , its not your parents fault , its yours and only yours . You need to take your life in your hands and start living it . Go for long rides in the sunset , start spreading love, tell your boss to fuck off , and start nurturing the good feelings inside yourself .

Break the chain that holds you and go for a surprise vacation with someone , surprise even yourself if you want to . Try to laugh at the difficulties life has put in front of us and give them the middle finger .

Only you can save yourself , only you can give yourself inner peace , only you can achieve happiness…….