A day’s random thoughts… By Mike Kaso

…….but what do you do when the walls start closing in? The air getting rarer as you suffocate on your own thoughts? Why is it that i never feel at peace with myself even tho i try harder than anyone else?
I honestly believe i deserve more out of this life…Maybe its all in the long-run and am worrying over nothing! Or maybe fate has already forgotten about me, whilst i give my soul to the emptiness, expecting a better life in return! They say you only live once, so why not make the most out of it? Yeah… fuck that, in this cruel place, making the most out of stuff IS NOT ENOUGH!
Being educated, schooled, polite, honest, hard working etc. are all qualities of the weak! …At least that’s how it is where i live! And in the end it all comes down to someone who said to take all your rage, put it in a page and blow the roof of the place! Could it

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all be that easy? How can i live up to my expectations of motivating others when i cant even pick myself up off the ground!

Even if i do, id be too tired, bloody, broken beaten and scared… but in the end, when the final hour kicks in you reflect and whisper:
...What don’t kill you, makes you stronger !!

#Cheers to that you fucks!

Credits to : Mike Kaso
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